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Philipp is 28 year old Outdoor-Photographer from Southtyrol / Italy with a passion for landscape & nature photography. He aims to capture landscapes in their most authentic way by using his own vision and creative style. He is able to find beauty anywhere in the world but the Italian Dolomites are his home and favourite subject for photography at the same time. He has a big passion for the weather and likes to combine it with his landscape photography. Especially fog is one of the main subjects in his photography. Showing the beauty of nature to other people in order to give them a reason to protect it is what keeps him motivated.
Philipp loves planning his shots carefully and tries to maximise the chance of success. He sometimes plans weeks or even months to get that particular shot he wants. Next to taking photos, Philipp is working as a medical doctor in Feldkirch / Austria.

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| Brixen, Südtirol - Italien | +393474133306 |

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